Showing a reckless lack of care or attention

Yesterday I was having a conversation with a friend, we were talking about a predicament she’d got herself into. She said she was being dumb, I said that wasn’t the right word for it, she asked what word I would use to describe what she’d done. Quickly  I’d Google searched “doing something without thinking of the consequences” and after reading through a list of synonyms I finally came across the perfect word. Heedless.

Many people are heedless , I’m not sure how many people can relate but I aways find that I worry about other people doing literally the same things I do. It’s almost like I can not bother to care about myself and the consequences that will happen as a direct response to the actions I take, but if someone else smoked, took drugs or skipped meals sometimes I’d lecture them to death. I used to smoke, hiding it from one of my online friends I’d lecture her a lot about how she should never ever smoke, about how I hate smoking and telling her all these statistics about how smoking causes cancer and other life threatening illnesses to prevent her from ever wanting to pick up a cigarette. A few hours later I’d probably be hanging outside my window with a Malboro light.  

Many people, including me have the attitude that it won’t happen to them, I won’t get cancer from smoking, I won’t get pregnant, I won’t be addicted. We kid ourselves as we light our 10th cigarette of the day that it’s just because this has been a stressful week, I don’t need it, I can quit tomorrow and not feel a thing. Tomorrow comes and at 5pm you reward yourself with just one as you’ve gone all day without smoking, then again at 7pm. Tomorrow you’ll have your coffee and a cigarette and you’ll kid yourself that you’re not addicted.

Heedlessness is worrying, take a look at what you don’t condone other people doing, and then take a look at yourself.